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Ontology and Philosophy

Ontologies have their origins in philosophy, going back to Aristotle. However, they have made somewhat in recent decades, not least due to the emergence of the semantic web and related applications in knowledge management, whether in sciences, engineering or business and finance.  If you ever wondered how philosophy is still highly relevant, if not crucial, […]

Join Goldbeck Consulting as Dissemination and Exploitation Manager

Goldbeck Consulting is involved in a number of collaborative EU and UK funded research and innovation projects in materials science and digitalisation. We are hiring an Innovation Dissemination and Exploitation Manager to work on these projects and strengthen the planning and execution of Goldbeck Consulting communications. Innovation Dissemination and Exploitation Manager position (part time) Location: […]

What is a Translator in Knowledge Management

Current divisions in disciplines and data silos mean that there is a huge untapped value not just in terms of ‘lost’ data but also stakeholder knowledge, which currently is not well captured. The role of the Knowledge Management Translator is to work with materials and manufacturing domain experts as well as data scientists and knowledge […]

Materials 2030 Roadmap draft published

A wide range of stakeholders in Europe are elaborating a roadmap for “a strong European Materials ecosystem driving the green and digital transition”. We are pleased to have contributed together with EMMC to Part I – Advanced materials – from vision to mission and action and the cross-cutting challenges. In particular, the roadmap proposes future […]

Open Innovation Environments and their Importance in Materials Modelling and Materials Characterisation

Together with partners from the European H2020 OYSTER Open Innovation Environment (OIE) project, we put together a White Paper with some historical context to the development of Open Innovation and make the case that OIE and similar platform technologies are key enablers of open innovation in complex research fields such as materials science. They provide […]

Innovation 5.0: Open Translation Environment for materials and manufacturing value chains

Goldbeck Consulting and OntoTrans project partners are pleased to invite you to Innovation 5.0: Open Translation Environment for materials and manufacturing value chains The virtual Open Workshop takes place Tuesday, March 15 and Wednesday, March 16, 2022 and provides information on how to represent manufacturing process challenges in a standard ontological form how to connect […]

Digital Marketplaces and their value for the Materials Modelling Ecosystem

We just published an overview paper of the emergence of digital marketplaces in the area of science driven industries, with a particular focus on materials modelling. Complex science and technology requires a wide range of tools and expertise, and benefits from assembling a network of skills and capabilities in an open innovation approach. Digital marketplaces […]

Join the Goldbeck Consulting Team

We are looking for a Scientific Consultant to join our growing team and contribute to delivering a range of products, such as reports and studies around technical and business aspects of materials modelling and digitalisation across a wide range of industries. To a large extent our work is supported by European Horizon projects and hence the […]

Materials Modelling: here is to the next 10 years

To celebrate 10 years of Goldbeck Consulting, we are pleased to launch our new look website (with many thanks to Karen Arnott!). It has been an amazing journey together with many clients and collaborators: universities and tech transfer organisations, small and large software companies, market intelligence organisations, publishers, small and large materials and pharmaceuticals companies […]

Business Opportunities in Materials Modelling Software

Looking forward to the EMMC 2021 workshop on 2-4 March, for anyone interested in the software and business aspects there is an intriguing session on Industrial Requirements to Materials Modelling Software with a talk by Kurt Stobro (Stokbro Invest) on Business opportunities for materials science software. The talk promises to “analyze how we could successfully […]