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Below are some of the wide range of Services we offer to users as well as providers of materials modelling software.


We work with you to analyse your R&D challenges and identify the parts that can be solved economically and efficiently by simulation based on materials modelling. Modelling workflows will be proposed along with potential software or services solutions.
We actively participate in the EMMC Translators Working Group and adhere to the EMMC Translators Charter.

Software Consulting and Training

We offer independent consulting on materials modelling software, planning for implementation and integration into your R&D process, as well as training for materials modelling, from high level to detailed methods.

Industry Research Reports

Insights into key trends, best practices, potential impacts of materials modelling can be gained from our Research Reports. See Publications and Reports for some examples.

EU project team building and proposal writing

We have in depth knowledge and proven success rates in European projects in the Materials Modelling field and can support your application with advice, team building and proposal writing.

We are pleased to offer service solutions in collaboration with Simperler Consulting.

Contact for further information.