Ontology and Philosophy

Ontologies have their origins in philosophy, going back to Aristotle. However, they have made somewhat in recent decades, not least due to the emergence of the semantic web and related applications in knowledge management, whether in sciences, engineering or business and finance.  If you ever wondered how philosophy is still highly relevant, if not crucial, to creating good ontologies, here is a short post for you, thanks to Oskar Holtz, a second year UCL Philosophy student who joined us as a summer intern.

Innovation 5.0: Open Translation Environment for materials and manufacturing value chains

Goldbeck Consulting and OntoTrans project partners are pleased to invite you to

Innovation 5.0: Open Translation Environment for materials and manufacturing value chains

The virtual Open Workshop takes place Tuesday, March 15 and Wednesday, March 16, 2022 and provides information on

  • how to represent manufacturing process challenges in a standard ontological form
  • how to connect challenges with relevant information sources and materials modelling solutions
  • how OntoTrans and its Open Innovation Framework function and how it is progressing from blueprint to implementation

Participate in three sessions (Project, Collaboration and Demonstration) and join in fostering collaboration and support to build an interconnected ecosystem for industrial impact.

Registration and further Information

Data background

OntoCommons: An industrial ontology journey of Standardisation, FAIR Data & Innovation

In this first webinar of the OntoCommons project we will provide a brief overview about the OntoCommons EcoSystem (OCES), Top Reference Ontologies, Industrial Domain Ontologies, FAIR Ontologies, Standardisation in the ontology ecosystem, the OntoCommons Community and the Focus Areas of the OntoCommons project.

The webinar will be held on 23 February 2021 at 2pm GMT (15:00 CET).

Ontologists, industrial stakeholders, implementers, and end users should participate to learn more about: 

  • The Ontology Commons EcoSystem (OCES)
  • The roles played by the Top Reference Ontologies, Industrial Domains and FAIR Ontologies
  • Standardisation in the ontology ecosytem
  • Our plans to grow the OntoCommons Community through engagement with key Focus Areas
Data background

OntoCommons: ontology-driven data documentation across materials and manufacturing domains

The OntoCommons project, an H2020 Coordination and Support Action, launched in November 2020 with three online kickoff sessions, during which more than 60 delegates from 19 partner organisations as well as Advisory Board Members discussed its objectives and actions.

OntoCommons aims to create harmonised and ontology-driven data documentation for Industry Commons, overcoming interoperability bottlenecks and facilitating data sharing and valorisation.

Over its thirty-six-month duration, the project will bring together and coordinate data documentation and standardisation activities from the most relevant EU and international stakeholders and initiatives.

OntoCommons provides a reliable turnkey solution for industrial stakeholders to confidently use ontologies in their businesses and to share their data. In addition, OntoCommons will prove the long-awaited key role of ontology in ensuring data interoperability and will promote data-driven innovation by boosting trust in the semantics of the shared industrial data.”   Hedi Karray – OntoCommons Technical Coordinator