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Forthcoming events

3rd EMMC International Workshop 2021, 2-4 March 2021, Digital event An industrial ontology journey stopping at Standardisation, FAIR Data & Innovation , 23 February 2021 at 2pm GMT (15:00 CET).

Webinars and recordings

Materials Modelling Software Market, 15 February 2021

Ontology-Driven Open Translation Environment, 11 January 2021

Business Models for Materials Modelling Software, EMMC Workshop 2019

Impacts of Materials Modelling, 14 June 2018. Webinar. Recording available following registration.

Past events

ECCOMAS Congress, 11-15 January, Digital event, Presentation on the OntoTrans Ontology-driven Open Translation Environment in the Minisymposium MS216: ONTOLOGY BASED MATERIALS MODELLING, OPTIMIZATION AND DESIGN APPLIED TO MODELLING TRANSLATION SERVICES AND BUSINESS DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS

Digital Conference on Industrial Technologies IndTech2020, 27 October 2020. Gerhard Goldbeck is presenting in Workshop 2: Next Generation Materials Research: 100% Digital Mapping of Production and Processing.

NAFEMS UK Conference 2020, 9-10 November 2020, Milton Keynes, UK. Presentation about the European Materials Modelling Council

MSE Congress, 22 September 2020, online. Presentation of the OntoTrans project and the EMMO ontology.

ReaxPro Online Conference, 9-10 July 2020. Presentation by Gerhard Goldbeck on “EMMC ASBL: an association for all materials modelling stakeholders in Europe”

eSSENCE-EMMC Meeting on “Multiscale modelling of materials and molecules – in complex systems”, 8 June 2020, Online. Presentation by Gerhard Goldbeck on “The new European Materials Modelling Council  (EMMC)”

OYSTER Open Day 2019 Workshop, Agenda. 28 Nov 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Digitalization of knowledge and Industrial Technologies, 7 Nov 2019, Bologna, Italy

Research Data Alliance RDA 14th Plenary, Materials Data Joint Meeting, 23-25 Oct 2019, Helsinki-Espoo, Finland

EMMC Expert Group Meeting on Marketplaces, 19-20 Aug 2019, Bremen, Germany

EMMC Workshop on Industrial impact of materials modelling, 8-10 July 2019, Turin, Italy

EMMC – Training Workshop on EMMO, 7 June 2019 in Brussels

The Second EC Workshop on Materials and Manufacturing Ontology – ECONTO2, 6 June 2019, Brussels

Software Sustainability Institute CW19, 1-3 April, Loughborough University. Session on Ontologies and Interoperability by Alexandra Simperler.

Research Data Alliance, 13th Plenary, 2-4 April 2019, Philadelphia. Session of the Materials Data Infrastructure & Interoperability IG

Workshop on Business Models for Materials Modelling Software. 20-21 May 2019, Cambridge.

NAFEMS World Congress 2019, 17-20 June 2019, Quebec City, Canada. Presentations by Gerhard Goldbeck on Interoperability/Ontologies and Maturity of Materials Modelling in Industry.

EMI International Conference, 3-5 July 2019, INSA Lyon, Villeurbanne, France

3rd CFDEM®conference, 14-15 March 2019, Linz, Austria. Keynote Presentation by Gerhard Goldbeck.

EMMC International Workshop 2019, 25-27 February 2019, Vienna, Austria.

EU Industry Days, Session on “Towards a Digital Materials Alliance for traditional European industry”, 6 February 2019, Brussels. Recording of session is available here.

EMMC IntOp2018 Workshop, 6-7 November 2018, Freiburg, Germany.

European Materials Characterisation Council: new challenges for advanced materials characterisation in Europe. Pre-conference workshop of Industrial Technologies 2018Presentation by Gerhard Goldbeck on “Materials informatics, ontology and data management”, 29 October 2018, Vienna, Austria.

Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Materials Design, Inaugural Symposium 3-4 September 2018, Liverpool, UK. Poster presentation by Alexandra Simperler on European Materials Modelling Ontology.

European Commission DG RTD Workshop on “Materials Ontology”, 29 June 2018, Brussels.

European Commission Workshop on “Industrial Commons as a Tool to Drive Innovation in Europe”, 28 June 2018, Brussels. Gerhard Goldbeck gave a Keynote on “Digital marketplaces: an engine to share and exploit  industrial commons”

3rd CCPBioSim/CCP5 Multiscale Modelling Conference, 21-23 May 2018, Manchester, UK. Alex Simperler (Goldbeck Consulting) presentation on European Materials Modelling Ontology.

Research Data Alliance Plenary, 21-23 March 2018, Berlin. Presentation  of the EMMC work on interoperability, in particular the CWA on Materials Modelling and European Materials Modelling Ontology.

EMMC Workshop on Interoperability, 7-8 November 2017, St Johns Innovation Centre, Cambridge.

Materials Modelling Translators Workshop organised jointly by the European Commission (DG R&I LEIT Unit D3 AM&N) and the EMMC, 21 September 2017 in Brussels.

1st EMMC International Workshop, 5-7 April 2017, Vienna.

ProcessNet Molecular Modelling Conference, Dechema, 9-10 March 2017, Frankfurt.
Presentation on “Metadata for Interoperability in Materials Modelling” covering work done within the EMMC.

CEN CWA  Workshop on “Materials modelling terminology, classification and metadata”, Kickoff meeting, 17-18 January 2017, Brussels

CECAM Workshop: Multiscale Simulation: from Materials through to Industrial Usage, 5-7 September 2016, Dublin.

European Materials Characterisation Council Workshop on 24 June 2016 at the Industrial Technologies 2016 conference in Amsterdam.

Second International Workshop on Software Solutions for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, 12-15 April 2016 in Barcelona.

The EU Workshop on Metadata and Interoperability in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and Multiscale Materials Modelling (MMM) was held on the 10th of March 2016 at Covent Garden, Brussels.

Predictive Multiscale Materials Modelling, 1-4 Dec 2015, Cambridge.

EuroMOF2015, 11-14 Oct 2015 in Potsdam; with the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC)

EMMC International Collaboration Workshop with experts from Japan, South Korea and the US; 24/25 September in Brussels: International Material Modelling Board (IM2B)established.

IntOp2015: The 3rd Workshop of the European Multiscale Modelling Cluster: Interoperability in Multiscale Modelling of Nano-enabled Materials, 28-29 May 2015, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

International Workshop “Molecular Modeling and Simulation: Science, Engineering, and Industrial Applications, 23 – 24 March 2015, Frankfurt am Main: “Integration of mesoscopic and micromechanical modelling for the design of polymer nanocomposites”. Joint presentation with JSOL and e-Xstream engineering.

EMMC Roadmap 2015 meeting, 4 Feb 2015, Brussels. The European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) discussed and endorsed the second draft of the “Roadmap for Materials Modelling”.

Kick-off meeting of the European Materials Modelling Council, 5 November 2014, Covent Garden, Brussels. Goldbeck Consulting assisting the EC Project Officers.

1st International Workshop on Software Solutions for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering(ICME), 24-27 June in Rolduc/Aachen. Supporting the ICMEg project as Project Technical Advisor.

Multiscale Modelling workshop at the Industrial Technologies 2014 conference, 11 April in Athens. Launch of the EU Cluster of the FP7 funded projects on multiscale modelling for nano-materials and systems by design.

Composites Engineering Show 2013, 12/13 November 2013 at Birmingham NEC. Supporting the Estecoexhibitor stand.

International CAE Conference, 21/22 October 2013 in Verona: Streamlined Composite Modelling Workflows with Multi-objective Optimisation.

The 19th International Conference on Composite Materials, 28 July – 2 August 2013, Montreal, Canada.Streamlined Composite Modeling Workflows with Multi-Objective Optimisation. Presentation with Estecoand e-Xstream.

Molecular Modeling and Simulation: Natural Science meets Engineering, 11-12 March 2013, Frankfurt am Main. Presentation by G. Goldbeck on: The economic impact of molecular modelling of chemicals and materials.

Representing ESTECO at the seminar and exhibition on Advanced Composites: The Engine for Growth, 27 Feb 2013 at Cranfield University.

Composites and Engineering Show, 7-8 Nov 2012, Birmingham NEC.
Goldbeck Consulting supporting the Esteco booth, and joint presentation on: Optimisation in composite materials modelling and simulations

2nd Joint Summer School on Nanotechnology, 2-6 July 2012, Udine, Italy. Presentation by G. Goldbeck on:Modelling and Simulation: from nanoscale insight to economic impact

UM12 modeFrontier users meeting, 21-22 May 2012, Trieste, Italy. Presentation by G. Goldbeck onIntegration of materials and engineering modelling: getting down to atoms.

Multi-disciplinary integration and optimisation in science and engineering:
an interdisciplinary workshop hosted by University College London in conjunction with Esteco and Goldbeck Consulting, 2nd Apr 2012, London

Computational Materials Science for Industry (CoMSI), 9th Nov 2011, London.

Commercialisation of Nanomaterials – Overcoming the Scale-Up Challenge, 19th Oct 2011, Leeds.

Molecular Modeling of Thermophysical Properties – Science meets Engineering, 15-16 Sept 2011, Dortmund, Germany:
Integration of multi-disciplinary optimisation with molecular simulation. D. Di Stefano, Esteco srl, and G. Goldbeck, Goldbeck Consulting Ltd

Nanotech 2011 Conference, 13-16 June, Boston, MA: Engineering property optimization based on atomistic models: myth or reality.