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Research Impact Analysis

In 2012, we investigated the evidence for economic impact of molecular modelling of chemicals and materials, including the mechanisms by which impact is achieved and how it is measured. For further details and to download the report, see our blog.

In 2013, we analysed the interactions of the European electronic structure research community with industry. Our report was published in 2014, supported by the Psi-k network and the CECAM-UK-JCMaxwell Node.
During 2015 we ran a survey to gather information about success stories and economic impact of materials modelling. The survey was conducted in the context of the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC). A report has been published in collaboration with Christa Court, economist at MRIGlobal and member of the EMMC International Materials Modelling Board (IM2B).

For further information and to request any report see also the Publications and Reports page.